Diva Aqua SX Front Loading washing machine.


Every one need washing machine to clean all types of house hold cloths.

I was also searching for a front loading washing machine for my home.

I found a fully automatic front loading washing for my home. It is really good with less price.

Diva Aqua SX 6 kg 800RPM:


Diva Aqua SX is fully automatic front loading washing machine. It is made by an Indian company IFB.

IFB washing machines are best quality washing machine in India.

IFB does not believe in advertising.  They believe in mouth to mouth promotions.

Its capacity is 6 kg.

It has warranty of 4 years warranty on product and 10 years warranty on spare parts.


Diva Aqua SX Features:

  1. Inbuilt Easy Iron: It has feature that reduces wrinkling of clothes after the final spin, making them easy to iron.
  2. Quick Wash: It has special program to help wash your clothes faster and it is good for gym clothes.
  3. Eco Wash: A special program that gives the best wash quality using optimum energy and water.
  4. Aqua Energy:   
    • It has advance magnet technology breaks calcium into minute crystal.
    • Save Energy.
    • Saves Cost.
    • Energizes water to wash better keeps cloth soft and long lasting.
    • Helps the detergent to dissolve in a precise manner so that clothes will be clean and soft.
  5. Child Lock: This feature prevents the program selection being tampered with by children.
  6. Auto Restart: Program automatically resume from the interrupted point when power supply comes.
  7. Deep Clean Technology: It acts tough on stains and makes sure cloths look fresh and new after wash.  
  8. Crescent Moon Drum: It creates a gentle water cushion that prevents damage to fabrics.             
  9. 2D Wash System: Wash and rinse cycle used shower system that ensures thorough soaking and cleaner wash. 
  10. Ball Valve Technology: Ball value lets the water out while keeping the detergent in. This technology prevents wastage and enhances the wash.
  11. Auto Balance System: It balances the clothes automatically and redistribute for stable wash.
  12. Laundry Add: Add the missed laundry.
  13. Cool Down Cycle: Hot water drained after the main wash cycle can be harmful for people and the environment. It is cooled down by taking on additional cold water automatically before draining.
  14. Start/Pause(Program Interrupt): It allow you to start and pause the program whenever you want.
  15. High-Low Voltage Protection: A smart microcontroller continuously monitors the online voltage fluctuations and temporarily stops the program to protect the machine in case the voltage drops below 150 10 V or rises above 270 10 V. The program will resume once the voltage is within safe operating range.
  16. Cradle Wash: India’s first wash program for delicate fabrics provides gentle care that uses a soft, to-and-fro, rocking movement.

Technical Specifications:

Model Diva Aqua SX 6 kg 800RPM
Power supply 220-240 V Single Phase 50 Hz
Dimension 50.6cm (D) x 59.8cm (W) x 87.5cm (H)
Net weight 64 kg
Capacity 6 kg of dry cotton
Wash care programs 8
Selector buttons Wash Mode, Rapid Wash Start/Pause, Power
Selector knob Program Selector
Spin speed 800RPM
Water consumption <= 9 Ltr/Kg/Cycle
Water pressure 0.3 Bar-10 Bar (30 kPa-1000kPa)
Power consumption max 2150 W
Drain pump rating 30 W
Heater rating 2000 W
Drum Stainless Steel


Tips for best results:

  1. Before washing
    • Empty all pockets.
    • Remove metal parts from pockets.
    • Close all zips or hooks.
  2. While sorting:
    •  Separate polyester fabrics from cotton fabrics.
    • Dark clothes should be washed separately and not with whites.
    • Mix large and small clothes in each wash load.
  3. While loading:
    • Load large items first, half the total wash load.
    • Do not wash single items-add one or two similar items.
  4. Water softening:  Use water softening agents in case of hard water.



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