Eutoriia Alkaline Water Purifier

Are you drinking fresh pure water? If not then you need to think about your health.

Hey guys I was looking for RO water purifier and one of my friend suggested me about Eutoriia Alkaline RO water purifier.

I have purchased this water purifier and found this very good, So thought of sharing this with you.




This water purifier is manufacture by Eutoriia company. It has following features:

  • Hot And Cold Water Purifier: There are two tapes available in this water filter:

1. Hot water tap: It is red color tap.

    •         There is a child lock button on this tap. You have to press this child lock button to get water from this tap.
    •         Company has provided this lock for safety of kids so that they can not take hot water.
    •         There is  also a button to switch on the hot water on left bottom side bar.

2. Cold water tap:  There is cold water tap which gives fresh alkaline water.

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier:
    • It supports all RO+UV+TDS. 
    • Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that remove ions, mineral, molecules and larger particles from drinking water
    • The RO+UV technology removes hard water elements such as aluminium, magnesium, potassium etc, also kills bacteria and viruses present in your water. 
    • Total dissolved solids: It refers to any mineral, salts, metals etc dissolved in water.


  • Digital meter:
    • There is a digital meter where you can see temperature of water. You can refer user manual for more information about this.


  • Alkaline Water Purifier: You can not find alkaline water purifier in market. This water purifier provides alkaline water.

            You can refer more information about Alkaline water here


  • Auto Shut-Off: This water purifier is auto start water filtration.


  • Filter Change Alarm: There are many alarms available and you can see on digital meter. Please refer user manual to know more about all alarms.


Silent Features:

  • New Innovation.
  • User Friendly design.
  • Low noise operations.
  • Technician free product.
  •  Complies to NSF Standard.
  • Indian Technology Product.
  • Refrigeration option also available.
  • Intelligent water quality monitoring.
  • Digital RO Indicating the life of filters.
  • Eutoriia RO Membrance tested up to 1200 PPM.
  • High purifying capacity, purifies water instantly.
  • Storage Hot water 1.5 ltrs. Normal water upto 10 ltrs.
  • Childlock  available int Hot water tap for safety of the children.

Product Specification:

Rated voltage 220V-240V
Power consumption for RO 28W
Capacity of normal water tank Upto 9 ltr.
Power consumption for hot water 500w
Capacity hot water stainless steel tank Upto 1.5 ltr.
Hot water Bimetal
Purifier Type Electric
Purification Capacity(Per Hour) 10-15 letters/Hour
Overheat protector Overload protector,
Over flow protector



  • It is fully automatic.
  • It ensure 100 % RO purified water.
  • Harmful substances are removed.
  • Alkaline adds essential minerals into the purified healthy water.
  • Drinking clean water will keep our body healthy and give our skin a healthy glow.


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Happy healthy life and happy reading.



  1. Hello , my name is Aditya and I’m from Bharatpur Rajasthan I was selling eutoria till 5 months. I already sold 65-70 machines in 3 months but all of sudden the problem occurred is the party who was dealing with us he quit dealing with this product.. due to this I couldn’t receive any products and spares. So if you could help us regarding this. Kindly contact asap

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