Eutoriia Alkaline Water Purifier

Are you drinking fresh pure water? If not then you need to think about your health.

Hey guys I was looking for an RO water purifier and one of my friends suggested to me about the Eutoriia Alkaline RO water purifier.

Eutoriia Alkaline RO water purifier is India’s best Alkaline RO water purifier Filter.

I have purchased this water purifier and found this very good, So thought of sharing this with you.




This water purifier is manufacture by the Eutoriia company. It has the following features:

 Hot And Cold Water Purifier: There are two tapes available in this water filter:

1. Hot water tap: It is a red color tap.

  • There is a child lock button on this tap. You have to press this child lock button to get water from this tap.
  • The company has provided this lock for the safety of kids so that they can not take hot water.
  • There is also a button to switch on the hot water on the left bottom sidebar.

2. Coldwater tap:  There is a cold water tap that gives fresh alkaline water.

  • RO+UV+UF+TDS Water Purifier:
    • It supports all RO+UV+TDS. 
    • Reverse osmosis is a water purification technology that removes ions, mineral, molecules and larger particles from drinking water
    • The RO+UV technology removes hard water elements such as aluminum, magnesium, potassium, etc, also kills bacteria and viruses present in your water. 
    • Total dissolved solids: It refers to any mineral, salts, metals, etc dissolved in water.


  • Digital meter:
    • There is a digital meter where you can see the temperature of the water. You can refer user manual for more information about this.



  • Auto Shut-Off: This water purifier is auto start water filtration.


  • Filter Change Alarm: There are many alarms available and you can see on a digital meter. Please refer user manual to know more about all alarms.


Silent Features:

  • New Innovation.
  • User-Friendly Design.
  • Low noise operations.
  • Technician free product.
  •  Complies with NSF Standard.
  • Indian Technology Product.
  • A refrigeration option also available.
  • Intelligent water quality monitoring.
  • Digital RO Indicating the life of filters.
  • Eutoriia RO Membrance tested up to 1200 PPM.
  • High purifying capacity, purifies water instantly.
  • Storage Hot water 1.5 liters. Normal water up to 10 liters.
  • Child lock available int Hot water tap for the safety of the children.

Product Specification:

Rated voltage 220V-240V
Power consumption for RO 28W
The capacity of a normal water tank Up to 9 ltr.
Power consumption for hot water 500w
Capacity hot water stainless steel tank Up to 1.5 ltr.
Hot water Bimetal
Purifier Type Electric
Purification Capacity(Per Hour) 10-15 letters/Hour
Overheat protector Overload protector,
Overflow protector



  • Eutoriia Alkaline RO water purifier is India’s best Alkaline RO Water purifier Filter.
  • It is fully automatic.
  • It ensures 100 % RO purified water.
  • Harmful substances are removed.
  • Alkaline adds essential minerals into the purified healthy water.
  • Drinking clean water will keep our body healthy and give our skin a healthy glow.


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Happy healthy life and happy reading.

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  1. Hello , my name is Aditya and I’m from Bharatpur Rajasthan I was selling eutoria till 5 months. I already sold 65-70 machines in 3 months but all of sudden the problem occurred is the party who was dealing with us he quit dealing with this product.. due to this I couldn’t receive any products and spares. So if you could help us regarding this. Kindly contact asap

  2. Good information regarding the purifier where both hot and cold purified water facility is available. Thank you for sharing the details.


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