How to use AnswerThePublic to write great content and generate traffic: Review 2020?


Are you doing keyword research for your next blog post?

Keyword research is important part of SEO.

You have to analyse the competitor post and find the keyword which they are using to rank on Google.

You should know, what keywords your competitor’s are using to generate organic traffic and what kind of questions your audiences are searching in google related to your post.

There are lot of keyword research tool available in market. Most of tools are paid.

There are many bloggers who does not have budget or they don’t want to spend money for these keyword research tool.

One of the best free tool for them is “AnswerThePublic“.

Answer The Public is a keyword tool that is used for keyword research.

AnswerThePublic will give you lots of long-tail keywords that you can use to create great content and increase the chances to rank in Google search by generating traffic.

What is AnswerThePublic?

Answer The Public is a keyword tool, that can be used for keyword research.

It can also be used to generate different blog post ideas to write a better content.

AnswerThePublic extracts all kind of questions or queries from google and Bing, which a reader/customer can ask.

AnswerThePublic represents all queries in form of visual form that can be easily understand.

You can see all combination of question that can be asked in visual wheel.

This tool is returning several combination of keywords in question form.

There are different category of results will be return like what, who, why, when, where, how, can, etc.

AnswerThePublic is online tool that provides detail keyword search result to write great content for your audience.

How to Use AnswerThePublic to generate more traffic?

As you know Answer The Public is a keyword tool. Type your keyword to search in search bar of

AnswerThePublic Search result wheel

You will see this visual in visualization tab after searching in search bar of AnswerThePublic.

You can see all combination of questions asked using word like how, where, what, why, can, and who.

All questions have main keyword, here it is “Earn money online”.

Your search result will have five different sets of answers, when searched for the topic.

AnswerThePublic Result

Here you can see in above image there questions, prepositions, comparisons, alphabeticals and related.

You can download all search results in CSV format by clicking “Download CSV” button as shown in above image.


As we discussed Answer The Public is a keyword tool. You can see in below image, there are 57 questions for search “earn money online”.

All search results start with what, where, why, when, how, and can.

There are two type of search result for question: Visualization and Data.


Visual representation is shown in below image.

You can download visual search wheel by clicking “Save image” button as shown in below image.




You can see visual representation of search result which start with how, when, what, can etc, if you click image button as shown for how in below image.



You can see there are 49 results combination with prepositions.


There are two type of search results Visualization and Data.

Visualization: Different combinations of search results using the prepositions like can, for, is, with , to , near and without is displayed in visual form.


Data: Different combination of search results using the prepositions like can, for, is, with , to , near and without is displayed in data form.


You can see visual images for these preposition by clicking image button. Visual form preposition “is” is shown in below image.

Hide button is available in pro version.



Again comparison result is also of two type visualization and data.


AnswerThePublic compare the search results using word “and”, “like”, “or”, “versus” and “vs”.

You can see there 31 search results in below image.


Visual form of comparison data is shown below, which shows comparison results.



Comparison data is more clear. You can see in this below image.

Ex: earn money online and recharge mobile

“And” is used to compare “earn money online” , “recharge mobile”

These results can be used for long key-tail keyword while writing blog post.



You can get search result which a audience can ask to google starting with alphabet ‘a’ to ‘z’ for your keyword research.

These all combination of long tail keyword you can use in your blog post to rank in google.


You will get other related search result for your searched keyword.

Ex: earn money online free or earn money online from home.




These are similar keywords found as part of your keyword search.


You can see AnswerThePublic give you many blog post ideas and different combinations of result set just by typing a single keyword.

AnswerThePublic Pro:

Answer The Public is a keyword tool. The free version of it allow you to search only 3 times a day.

You can explore all features it, if you upgrade to AnswerThePublic Pro version.

Features of AnswerThePublic Pro:

  • You can search for unlimited keywords.
  • You can export search results in CSV format.
  • You can compare search result data.
  • You can create many users.
  • You can hide the keyword research results and visualization wheel.
  • You can get a high-resolution image for your search result.
  • You will get the best customer support.
  • You will get access to location and language-based results.
  • You will get alerts to new keyword suggestions.
  • You will get education and training package of $249.

AnswerThePublic Pro price


When you search in google, you will see search result like below in top, before the first website link.

Here I have searched “get organic traffic blog”.

This is preview of top-ranking website from google search result.

This preview can be from any top-ranking website not necessary from first website from search result.

This is called google snippets. Most of the time people click on google snippet than other top-ranking links.

Google snippets is decided by google, to display preview from search result, not necessary from top-ranking website.

You can identify the question related to your keyword by using AnswerThePublic search result. Then you can create your content around your question.

You can find tips from HubSpot to know how to create google snippets for your great content.


AnswerThePublic Alternative

Answer The Public is a keyword tool. You can find other free tools for your keyword research here.

Pros and Cons

Now let see the Pros and Cons of AnswerThePublic Tool.


  • Answer The Public is a Free Keyword Research Tool.
  • It is easy to use.
  • You will get a visual form of keyword search results.
  • You can export your search result in CSV format.
  • You can download visual keyword search results as a .jpeg image file.
  • You can use this tool without creating an account.
  • The keyword search result is faster.
  • You can customize the search results in data or visual form.
  • No need to download this tool.


  • You can search only 3 times per day.
  • You cannot get the keyword search volume.
  • You cannot get keyword search difficulty.
  • Suggestions are not always relevant.


Answer The Public is a keyword tool to get great content ideas from your topic/niche.

Big companies are using this tool for content marketing to grow their business.

Although there are many keyword research tools are available in the market, but AnswerThePublic is the best tool for newbie bloggers to write new blog posts.

Visualization and data comparison features make this tool unique.

Generating thousands of content ideas saves time of content writers.

So what do you think about this tool? When you are going to start using this tool for your next blog post?

Let me know your thoughts.

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