21 Secrets That Will Make Your Blog Successful in 2020

All bloggers want to be successfully in short span of time.

Blogging takes time. So success secrets for blogging will help you get success fast.

You will be successful, if you follow right strategy and in right direction.

Follow these success secrets for blogging.

1. Solving problem

Blogging is all about solving problem of users. Try to find the problem in society.

Help people to solve this problem. The bigger the problem bigger return you will get.

This way you can build trust and this is one of most important success secrets for blogging.

Read this article to identify reader’s problem.

2. Consistency

  Write post regularly on specific day and time. 

You must write 1-2 post a week.

  Best day to post an article is Thursday night, because reader can start reading article

  on Friday.

  People are on Friday mood specially working professional.

  So, they will enjoy post on weekends.

3. Stick to your Niche

  Always write article related to your niche.

  Google also likes blog related to a specific niche not multi niche blog.

  Users does not like multi niche blog, and they will not follow if it is related to multi niche.

4. Follow your passion

Sometimes bloggers select niche and write some articles, then they cannot continue.

Select niche, which you are passionate about and you can write article for life long.

Writing an article related to niche and the stop writing.  So, select a niche on which you

have knowledge and interest.

5. About Page

Start with your introduction in About Page.

Also write your story of failure and success.

Write about your earnings, website stats, award won.

Write your story in interesting way, so that it should engage your audience.

You can check out about page of my blog.

6. Blog Design

 Look and feel of your blog is most important.

 Users first see your blog landing page, template and images used.

Use GeneratePress or Astra theme with Elementor page builder to design your blog.

You can see theme or design of another bloggers blog.

7. Testimonials

Testimonials is what people say about you and your blog.

Network with other bloggers to get testimonial for your blog.

Write comments on other bloggers blog post.

You can find example of testimonial in below link.

8. Comment on Other Bloggers Blog Post

You should write genuine comments on other bloggers’ blog posts and you write your blog URL there if they allow.

This will make strong bonding with other bloggers.

Blogger will start recognizing you and they will also leave comment on your blog post.

Also reply to all comment of readers on your blog post regularly and on time.

9. Guest Post

Backlink is one way for SEO.

Write guest post on another bloggers blog post.

And accept guest post on your blog also.

You can write guest post on Medium.com and leave your blog details there.

10. Keyword Research

Do keyword research before writing article.

Find the keyword, which users are searching more and search the competition of the keyword.

Search articles of your top competitors and try to write a better and in-depth article using the keyword.

There are many good keyword research tools are available.

SEMRUSH and AHREF are best paid tools for keyword research.



These are free tools I recommend:

10 free keyword tools are listed here.


Check out, detail review of AnswerThePublic here.


11. Networking

Build a strong network with other bloggers.

  Join another bloggers Facebook group or Telegram Group.

  Follow other bloggers on social media.

Ask question and help other bloggers.

12. Promotion/Marketing

Content is king but marketing is also important.

Success of blogging is 80-20.

It means 80 percent marketing and 20 percent content.

Share your blog post on different social media platform.

Read below article to know more about blog promotion technique.


13. SEO

Search engine optimization is most important to get traffic from Google and grow your website.

Read below article to learn about SEO and grow your blog traffic.


14. Blog Post Title

Blog post title should be attractive.

You can use below free tool to generate attractive and superb title.


15. Internal Post Linking

Link your post internally. Here I have add link “AnswerThePublic”.

Success secrets-that-will-make-your-blog-successful

The link will redirect to “What is AnswerThePublic” like below.

Success secrets-that-will-make-your-blog-successful

16. Personal Details

Writing personal detail engages your audience.

Personal detail can be as follows:

  1. Information about family.
  2. About kids.
  3. Traveling information.
  4. Traveling photo or video.
  5. Personal parties.

17. Learn Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is best way to monetize your blog.

You promote a product of a company and you get a commission out of it, is called

affiliate marketing in simple term.

Read below article to learn about affiliate marketing.


18. Patience

If you want to earn quick money, then blogging in not for you.

Blogging is long term process and it takes time.

So, keep patience and post quality article regularly.

Learn every day and implement it whatever you have learnt.

19. Focus

Set your Blogging GOAL. Be consistent and focus to your GOAL.

Focus on writing best content and marketing.

Success takes time, so focus on blog post writing and until you get success.

20. Blog Post Length

Google crawler likes long blog post to rank on first page.

So, write in-depth blog post.

Blog article length must have more than 1000 characters.

21. Blog Name

Blog name is important factor and it is success secrets for blogging.

Blog name should tell everything about your blog like “Bloggerspassion”, “Bloggersidea” etc.

You can get idea about blog niche. All blog as mention above has blogging niche.

Some blog has different name even though it is blogging niche like “Shoutmelaud.com”

“Shoutmelaud” is brand in blogging niche.

Hence select blog domain name related to your niche.


Blogging is one of way to earn money online.

Blogging is slow process to get some result.

Write article consistently.

Learn blogging technique and implement it.

Follow the success secrets for blogging.

Happy Blogging.

Let me know your views. Comment if it helps.

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