How 13+ Things Will Change the Way You Approach Writing A Compelling Blog Post

Writing A Compelling Blog Post

There are millions of blog posts, published over internet every day,

But very few posts get traffics or read by large reader groups.

Writing a blog post is an Art.  The Art which all bloggers must master it.

There are different blog writing tips you need to know to write a compelling blog post.

So, are you ready to know are these techniques?

Get read, I am listing here Writing A Compelling Blog Post, that will make your blog to next level.


All bloggers write the blog post to some specific readers.

Travel bloggers write post for people who are more interested in travelling.

Same is for all kind of bloggers.

But only writing a post is not enough.

You must know what people are looking for or searching?

What is pain point of readers?

What people are searching?

You can find all searched keywords in Quora or Twitter.

You can write your post for that searched keyword.

Add Images:

Visual appearance of your blog post is important.

Add images to explain your post and data or statistics.

You can find royalty free images from below web sites.

Short Paragraphs/Sentences:

No one like to read long sentences or paragraphs.

Generally, It is boring to read long paragraphs.

So, write your blog article sentence short.

Paragraph length should be max 2 lines.

Choose a topic you are passionate about:

Your blog post must be based on your interest.

People will enjoy your post if you like the post to write.

So, you should choose the topic you have interest.


Plan your post before writing.

Planning involves lot of things to do.

It starts with keyword research. Choose the topic which people are searching more and have less compition.

You can use different free keyword research tool to do keyword research.

AskThePublic is free keyword research tool.

Read details article on AskThePublic.

Write your post outline. Outline involves following.

  • Introduction:
    • Write about what you are going to write in this post.
    • Basically, your post introduction.
  • Body:
    • All subheading of your posts
  • Conclusion:
    • Summary of your post.
    • Ask feedback or comments.

This will improve the way of writing the compelling

Blog Design:

First impression is last impression.

Readers are impressed by look and feel of your blog design.

Use Generate Press or Altra theme and elementor page builder to design your blog.

Logo: Design your blog logo as your business identity.

About Page: Write your about page like professional blog. You can check out “About Page” of my blog.

Blog Domain:

Newbie bloggers use BlogSpot or WordPress to create the blog.

That is good for learning when you are starting the blog.

But, purchase a custom domain and host your domain to a good hosting like SiteGround or BlueHost.

Call to Action:

Write Call to Action at end of your blog post.

Conclusion is Call to Action. It has summary or main points of your blog post.

Many readers read conclusion first then they start reading article.

Call to Action includes following:

You can checkout this article to know more about Call To Action.


 According to Copyblogger, 8 out of 10 people will read headlines

 But only 2 out of 10 will read the rest article.

  You really must write amazing headlines to attract readers to click your post.

  Check out below article to write better blog headlines.


Search Engine Optimization plays major role to get more traffics.

There are different SEO optimization techniques are there.

Check out below article for SEO optimization.

Use Bullet Points:

Bullet points make your post attractive and easy to understand.

Divide your post into sub heading and use bullet points to explain your topic.

Check out this article to know how you can use Bullet Points to make your content better.


Blog readers like blog/website which provide valuable and regular post.

Make a habit of posting article on regular basis.

Some bloggers post weekly 2 post or 1 post.

You can post 1 quality article weekly.

Decide a day like Friday or Sunday to post your article regularly.

No Post is Perfect:

Some bloggers do lot of research on post and spend too much time to research or analysis of article.

They think too much and waste time and they could not post a single article.

I believe there is no post which is perfect.

Perfection comes slowly and when you do mistake and improve your post regularly.

So, do research and write post quickly. You can get review your post from your friends and incorporate feedback.

Write your own voice:

Blog readers are not more interest in facts and figure.

They are basically interested in your opinion.

Readers like way of your writing style.

Read other bloggers blog post, learn from them but do not copy their style of writing.

Write your own thoughts and develop your own way of writing style.

Wrapping Up:

Blog Post writing is an art.

Implement all blog post writing tips and master the art of writing the post.

Implement Writing A Compelling Blog Post tips.

Shoot your questions and comments.

Thanks for reading the article.

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