21 Facts You Never Know About Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website in 2020


Are you struggling to drive free traffic for your website, even though you have tried every methods?

No need to worry!

Driving traffic to a website takes sometimes, but if you follow the all tips mentioned in this post “Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website“, you will definitely drive massive traffic.

So, Let’s start and learn all Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

1. Update Old Outdated Content:

Why to Update Old Blog Post?

Do you know what is life cycle of a blog post?


Wait, let me tell you, it is most important to know the blog post age.

The life of an old blog post is a maximum of 2 years. Nobody even Google doesn’t like old blog posts and will not rank it.

So, updating old blog posts is a must for SEO. Google algorithm considers fresh content while ranking results.

Hence, updating old blog posts boost the ranking and drive more traffic.

According to survey of databox almost 61-80% traffic comes from “old” blog post.

Get free organic traffic to website

Source: Databox

What Are Benefits of Updating Old Post?

  • Higher Google Ranking
  • Better User Experience
  • More traffic with less effort

  Which Post to Update?

  • Identify the POST which is driving more traffic by using Google Analytics or any other tool.
  • Identify the post which has more backlink and not driving traffic.
  • Identify the post which has medium or low traffic.

How to Update?

  • Write a long quality blog Post and cover the Topic completely.
  •  Update with answers asked in your comment section.
  • Find out what people are asking questions related to your topic in the keyword research tools.
  • Compare your competitor blog post.
  • Find out your competitor blog post and check the length of their blog post.
  • Write more content like if your competitor blog post length is 2000 words and yours is 1000 then write more than 2000 words.
  • Add more points. Ex: if a competitor has written “20 ways to increase website traffic”, then you must write more than 20 quality ways to increase traffic.
  • Merge two related posts and republish.
  • Add/Update images.
  • Add infographics.
  • Add Video.
  • Replace the static images with GIFS.
  • Freshen up your Content:
  • Add new research statics data.
  • Explore what the world is searching for related to your Topic.
  • Check and update the old outbound link.
  • Update Titles and Meta description.
  • Update internal link to your other blog post
  • Optimize blog post images.
  • Create a new link to your old post.
  • Add author

Now you can understand, updating old blog post is best Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

2. Write Killer Blog Post Title:

Writing a catchy headline is more important than writing your article content. As copyblogger says “8 out of 10 people will read the only headline, but 2 out of 10 will read the content”.

You must have seen many blogs which has attractive headlines that grab attention of readers.

Attractive headlines will attract more traffic.

And, more traffic will lead to more click.

Hence, more click will lead to more sales.

Read out Why You Should Write Killer Headline?

3. Optimize Images:

Why you must optimize images?

According to HTTP archive images weight is 21% of total web site weight.

So, It is most important to reduce size of images.

There are many benefits of optimizing images:

  • Improve website speed
  • Improve SEO Ranking
  • Higher conversion rate.
  • More traffic

According to a Strangeloop study, a one-second delay in website load time can cost you 7% of sales, 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction.

Optimize Images to get free website traffic

Source: WPBeginer

  How to Optimize Image?

Image optimization is process of reducing smallest possible image size without losing the quality of image.

There are many plugins available to optimize images.

I personally use the Yoast SEO plugin to optimize images. You can use this plugin or any other plugin to optimize the image and drive free traffic.

Optimizing images is important and necessary Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

4. Use Best Theme?

Why Good Theme?

Whenever someone visits to your blog, they see the look and feel of your blog first.

So, first impression is the last impression. Attractive website designs attract visitors to visit again, otherwise they will not visit again.

Also, Theme must be light weight to improve website speed.

How to choose Good Theme?

Consider below factors while choosing best theme.

  • Mobile- Responsive
  • SEO Optimize
  • Light Weight
  • Compatible to All Browsers
  • Supports to All Popular Plugins.
  • Supports Multilingual WordPress Plugins.
  • Supports Page Builders
  • Check Reviews and Ratings.

I recommend GeneratePress, because I personally use this theme, which is very light weight and mobile responsive.

It is free and paid both. But you can use free version, if you are newbie.

5. Use Good Web Hosting:

Web Hosting is one key factors for success of your blog.

Choosing good web hosting can improve SEO, web site speed, traffic 

And finally, sales.

Siteground Hosting, CloudWays and BlueHost are best web hosting.

6. Write Long Articles:

Bloggers generally write short and small contents.

We use mobile to read content now a days, So most of blogger think that we should write short articles.

But this is not true. Long-form blog contents are shared more than short-form contents.

Write Long Articles to get massive traffic

Source: Buzzsumo

If you see chart above blog article, which has 3000 to 10000 words are shared more.

Spend more time and effort to create quality long-form content.

Write at least 2000+ words to get more shares.

7. Do On-Page SEO:

One-Page SEO is one of type of Search Engine Optimization.

It is practice of optimizing your web site content to rank on Google.

So, it is important factor to rank your web site on Google and get more traffic.

On-page SEO optimization factors are:

  • Title Tag
  • Meta Description
  • URL
  • Heading Tags
  • Alt Tags
  • Content
  • Images
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Internal Linking

Knowledge of SEO is one of Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

See this video to know more about On-Page SEO.

8. Make Facebook Group:

Facebook is social networking site where you can get like minded people.

Many top bloggers like Kulwant Nagi, Anil Agarwal and Harsh Agarwal have their Facebook group, where they share blogging, SEO and Affiliate related tips and tricks.

Join Facebook group of these bloggers to learn Blogging and SEO tips.

This will help you to learn and grow. You can share your blog post in Facebook group.

This will help you to get visitors and increase traffic.

You can create your own Facebook group and start helping other bloggers.

You can share your post regularly and will get traffic.

I have created my Facebook group to help other bloggers.

9. Start Youtube Channel:

Now a day’s people like video content more than text content.

Youtube is most searched platform after Google.

All successful blogger has their Youtube channels where they upload quality video.

You can drive lot of traffic by uploading videos.

Make a Video on any topic and add to your blog post.

You can provide your blog URL or your blog post link in Youtube descriptions.

That will drive traffic to your blog.

10. Comment on Another Bloggers Post:  

Everyone like good and genuine comments on their blog post.

Commenting will help you to build good relationship with other pro bloggers.

Comment on other bloggers blog post. Reader will visit your blog by clicking on your profile, that will drive traffic to your blog. Do not add your website link in comments section that is considered spam and you will be blocked for future commenting.

11. Use Infographics:

What is infographics?

Infographics is visual representation of information, data and knowledge.

Why to Use Infographics?

Would you like to read content which has plan text or which has images?

Definitely, No one like to read boring text.

Everyone like infographics which is easy to understand and interesting because a image speaks more than 1000 words.

Earlier infographics were used in newspapers. Now a days all social networking sites prefer to use infographics.

Blog contents are more shared which has infographics.

How to Create Infographics?

Some people think that creating infographics require expertise in designing. But today there are many free online tools are available.

Tools to Create Infographics:

Some Tips to Create Infographics:

  • Keep It Simple
  • Add your blog name below your Infographics
  • Write a Killer Headline
  • Make a proper image size to view
  • Represent Facts and Figure

12. Publish interview of leading Bloggers:

Publishing interview is another way to drive traffic to your blog.

 Make good relationship with other pro bloggers.

 Approach leading bloggers in your niche for interview.

Write good article based on pro bloggers interview and publish to your blog.

13. Share on All Social Media Network:

There are many ways to get traffic to your blog apart of Google. 

As you know Google’s algorithms are changed frequently.

You will lose all traffic, if you are totally depending upon Google traffic.

Social media is one of best source to get traffic.

Share you content to all social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc.

14. Off-Page SEO:

Off-Page SEO is another Search Engine Optimization Technique like On-Page SEO.

The action taken outside of your web site to improve ranking of your web site within search engine result pages(SERPs) is called Off-Page SEO.

Why Off-Page SEO?

  • Increase in Rankings
  • Increase in PageRank
  • More Website Visits
  • More Visibility
  • Greater Exposure
  • Establish Trustworthiness

Let’s discuss the important factors of Off-Page SEO that will help to rank in Google.

Link Building:

Submitting your website link to another web site is called link building. Build links with a highly ranked web site to rank your blog.

Outreach to the Influencer:

Write a best quality blog post and reach out to leading bloggers in your niche. Request them to check your blog post and ask for back link to your blog.

Guest Posting:

Writing a guest post is one of best way to create high quality back link. Write a best quality content and ask other bloggers for guest post.

Video Submission:

Video Submission is another way to create back link and get good quality traffic.

Make a video of quality post and upload to Facebook, YouTube and other social networking sites.

Blog Promotion:

Blog promotion is another way to get traffic.

Promote your blog to different sites like Reddit, ScoopIt, digg, StumbleUpon, Quora etc.

Read out this Off-Page SEO tutorial.


15. Start Email Marketing:

Email marketing is most effective way to convert visitors to loyal customer.

Many bloggers are using email marketing to generate sales.

  Why Email Marketing?

  • #1 communication channel:

99% of people check mail on daily basis in this world. So, Email is number one communication channel as compared to other channels.    

  • Email Collection:

Email collected through email list is your own property for lifetime that you can use any time to promote your products.

  • Boost Traffic

You can send mail to your customers related to your blog post and product. You will get free organic traffic.

  • Increase Sales        

Email is best Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website by promoting your products that converts into sales.

How to Do Email Marketing?

  • You can use free email plugin like Mailchimp to collect emails.
  • Display popup when someone visits to your blog to enter email.
  • You can give some free stuffs like eBook or pdf etc. to collect email.

Really, Email marketing can be used as Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

16. Use Social Share Plugin:

Social media can boost your blog traffic, if you share your post.

There are many plugins available to share your content on different social media.

I am using Social Snap Lite which is best free social share plugin. You can use this free plugin to share your content.

17. Promote using Quora:

Quora is founded by two employees of Facebook in 2009.

Quora is platform to share knowledge with others.

Blog promotion via Quora is solid method to drive massive traffic.

Many bloggers are using Quora to drive traffic and to promote their products and services.

Also, many bloggers are using this platform to earn money by affiliate marketing link.

 How to drive traffic?

  • Create a profile.
  • Choose the question related to your niche.
  • Provide the best answer.
  • Write your blog URL in your Bio section.
  • Create a Quora blog.

You can use Quora as Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

18. Use Pinterest:

Are you wondering how Pinterest could drive traffic to your blog?

According to new research Pinterest drive more traffic to website than YouTube, Reddit, Google Plus and LinkedIn combine.

  How to drive more traffic?

  • Create your profile.
  • Choose your best blog post on a subject that already has an audience on Pinterest
  • Create a quality image
  • Pin your new blog post image      

As you can see Pinterest is one of best Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

19. Start Telegram Channel:

Telegram is one of way to get free traffic.

Join Telegram group of famous bloggers to learn blogging.

 Create your Telegram Group and grow the members.

You can start publishing your blog post and you can promote your affiliate link there.          

But you must provide value to your members by helping them.

20. Do Networking in Your Niche:

Connect with other pro bloggers in your niche.

Join the Facebook group or Telegram Channels of pro bloggers to connect with other bloggers.

21. Focus Long-Tail Keyword:

Focusing on Long-Tail keyword is a great SEO technique.

Long-Tail keyword is more than one keywords. It is searched less but helps to get more traffic.

22. SEO Tools:

Knowledge of SEO is required to drive traffic to web site. There are many free SEO tools are

available for SEO and keyword research.

Check out review of AnswerThePublic tool to know more about SEO keyword research.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why More Web Site Traffic?

More traffic will make your web site more popular, and it will increase conversion rates and hence more sales.

2. How Can I Make My Website More Popular?

If you follow all the strategies covered in this blog post, then it will drive more free traffic and your website will be more popular.

3. How to increase web site traffic free?

Follow all Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.

4. Can you drive free traffic from Pinterest?

Yes. You can drive more traffic from Pinterest.

5. Can we drive more free traffic from Quora?

Yes. You can drive more free traffic.

6. Which is best method to drive more traffic?

Try to implement all Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website.


Most of bloggers struggle to drive traffic to their web site.

All the methods of “Free Ways To Drive More Traffic To Your Website” in this blog post are proven free ways to drive traffic.

You will boost traffic of your web site, if you implement all these strategies.

Comment me which proven ways has help to boost the traffic.

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