1. Why Images required?

You know “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog“?


Let me explain in coming section.

First, let see why images are required?

All bloggers write long blog post that having mostly plan text.

Are you using images to explain your post?

If No,

Then my friend you are doing big mistake, nobody likes to read long boring plan text.

Because “Images Speak Louder Than Words”.

Also blog post is not complete, useful and interesting until you use images and pictures.

You can explain your post better way if you use images.

Infographic is more popular now a days and gets shared more on social media.

So, you now understood images are required for blog post.

But you cannot use any images available on web. Most of images has copyright.

2. Can we use Google Images?

No, you cannot use. You can find many images in google and other websites.

Most of the images searched on Google belongs to some website and that has copyright. You cannot use copyrighted images. The creator of the image will sue you. They can charge a huge amount of money for using these images.

3. What is CopyRight:

Copyright is a type of intellectual property that gives its owner the exclusive right to make copies of creative work, usually for a limited time. The creative work may be in a literary, artistic, educational, or musical form”. – Wikipedia

Let suppose you have created some art or any image. So, you are the owner of that image or art. No one can copy or use that art or image without permission. You can allow to copy or use that art or image by taking permission or paying the cost of that art or image.

So, you can say Copyright protects the copying of the work of any creator in any field like literary, artistic, educational, or musical form, etc and it encourages the creation of this kind of work.

According to Article I, Section 8, clause 8, of the United States Constitution states the purpose of copyright laws is to promote the Progress of Science and useful Arts, by securing for limited times to Authors and Inventors the exclusive Right to their respective Writings and Discoveries.

Whenever you create your original work then copyright is attached to it and it doesn’t require filing paperwork.

3. How to Use Images?

There is different way you can learn “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog?”.

1. Public Domain:

There is no copyright for public domain image, and It is free because:

a. Copyright has expired.

b. It is released to the public domain.

c. It is released before January 1, 1924.

No need to mention the source of images for the public domain but I will suggest

you mention the source for public domain images in your blog for any kind of

future copyright issues.

You can find public domain images on sites Wikimedia Commons and Flickr Commons.

2. Creative Commons CC0 License:

Creative Commons License is a free image but there are some terms and conditions involve for use of this image.

Some creator allows to use commercial and some for non-commercial purpose.

You must give credit to creator to use CC0 image.

Search Creative Commons images as shown in below.

You can filter result by commercially and modify or adapt.


3. Royalty Free Image:

Royalty free image is not copyright free image.

You must pay once for a royalty-free image and you can use it multiple times. The ownership of copyright cannot be transferred. Royalty-free image is cheaper than copyright paid image. I will also suggest you read the terms and conditions of Royalty-free images before using any image.

Restriction of Royalty Free image:

  • Not allowed to share it.
  • Cannot be resold.
  • Cannot be gifted.

Here I have listed all sites for royalty free images:

Read more about Royalty Free images.

4. Fair Use:

“Fair use is a doctrine in the law of the United States that permits limited use of copyrighted material without having to first acquire permission from the copyright holder” (Source: Wikipedia)

Fair use is limited use of original work of creator for benefit of the public, without taking permission for work like criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, or research.

But it is still confusing to understand which is fair use. You can not find which is fair use until you are a lawyer.

Checkout to know more about fair use.

4. Asking for Permission:

One of way to use copyright images is to ask for permission to use the image.

You can contact to creator of image to get permission.

Send mail to ask permission and get permission in the mail so that in the future if any dispute happens then you have proof in an email.

Check out how to know about copyright owner.

5. Editorial Use Only:

An Editorial Use Only image is used:

  • News
  • Commentary
  • Newspaper or magazine articles
  • Blog or website posts
  • Non-commercial film

Editorial Use only image cannot be used for advertising or commercial purpose.

Read Editorial and commercial for more information.

6. Use Stock Photo:

Stock photo are having paid license and you can use after paying the license fee. Most of the image websites are providing high-quality images.

7. Use your own images:

Better to create your own images to avoid copyright.

So, need to worry about “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog?”

Buy a good camera and click the best quality images for your blog or you can hire some photographer to click images for you.

8. Using Free Images:

Here is a list of websites where you can find free images.

And, no need to worry about “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog?”

Because these images are free.

4. Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Is it possible to use copyrighted images?

Yes. You must get license or permission from creator of image.

2. Can I use images from Image Google?

No. Images from google search are not free. It belongs to some websites and it may have a copyright license.

3. How can I use images legally in our blog?

I have explain all copyright laws and “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog” in this article.

4. What are the risks of using copyrighted image on your blog?

The risk is copyright creator can file a legal complaint in court and you have to pay money to settle it or fight against it in court.

5. Can I use images without permission?

You can use Public domain images freely without permission and, some sites provide free images where no need to take any permission, but I will advise check the terms and conditions of these images before using it.

6. Can you use copyright images if you give credit?

Copyright images you cannot use by only giving attribution.

7. How to know if image has copyright?

8. How to get permission to use copyrighted images?

  Read Basics of getting permission.

9. What is the law of fair use?

   Read law of fair use this article.

10. Can you modify copyright image?

   Yes, you can change with permission of copyright creator.

11. What can be copyrighted?

    Following work are protected under copyright:

  • Musical
  • Dramatic
  • Choreographic
  • Pictorial
  • Graphic
  • Literature
  • Sculpture
  • Motion picture
  • Sound recording

12. Clipart images copyright free?

     No, Clipart images are not copyright free, these images have royalty free license.

13. How do you avoid copyright?

     Create your own image and use it and void if it is not your creation.

14. How long you can go to jail for copyright?

      Five years

15. How you can avoid copyright infringement with images?

There are four way:

  • Use free images
  • Do a background check of the image
  • Read the terms and conditions of images
  • Create your own images      

16. Can I use Instagram images on my blog?

No, until you have created it. All images from Instagram also are copyright. Can we take a screenshot of the copyright image and post it on the blog? No, this is a copyright violation.

17. How do I create non-copyright images for my blog? 

Read list of websites for Free images in this article.

18. How can I use image legally in my blog?

  There are different ways “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog” as I mention in this blog post.

5. Summary:

It is must to check copyright of images before using for your blog or website.

I have explained “How to Use Copyrighted Images In Your Blog” in this blog post. I have tried to provide complete details about copyright and covered almost all questions related to it.

Comment me still you have some questions.

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