Best and Cheap Web Hosting in India for Newbie Bloggers in 2021

You need hosting for your blog to start your blogging journey.

Most of bloggers doesn’t have money or don’t want to spend money as newcomer in this blogging field.

You will find cheap and best hosting, when you start your blogging journey.

If you are also new blogger and looking for best hosting, then you are at right place.

Lets start….

I am going to introduce you a new hosting company in India which I have used recently and sharing my experience.

HIOX India:

HIOX India is one of the best web hosting and domain registration company in India which was established in 2004.

HIOX India offers best web hosting and cheap domain.

All the servers are high performance servers and plans are also cheap and cost effective.

All the web hosting plans at HIOX India comes with email, FTP and subdomains.

They provide custom plans also as per client requirements.

 Web Hosting

HIOX India offers reliable cheap and best Windows and Linux website hosting.

You can buy web hosting packages as per your needs.

HIOX India has windows, Linux, shared JSP, dedicated JVM website hosting at low cost.

All hosting packages comes with backup manager, control panel, hosting space and DDos Protection.

Type of Web Hosting

HIOX India provides quality and best Linux hosting services  at lowest cost.This is called shared hosting.

Shared hosting works on LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP)

Cheap Linux web hosting package starts with Rs357 per year.

This hosting comes with great features such as DDOS protection.

It is available at cheap server rates.

HIOX India offers best and trust-able windows hosting service in India.

Free Domain Transfer + Web Hosting

I was not satisfied with current hosting provider. So I switched my provider. HIOX provided free domain transfer + web hosting combo offer and migrated all my data to their server with a low cost. The combo offer is valid for .com, .in, .org, and domain transfers. Either Linux or Windows can be purchased.

 WordPress Hosting

HIOX India provides to host WordPress blog. Blog will be hosted with SSD storage/hard drives, and it gives up to 300% better performance. It also provides advance firewall and servers for better performance.

Basic Hosting Combo Offer:

Security: SSL Certificates

HIOX India provide SSL with their combo plan to secure your blog or website with cheap rates.

Most Frequently Asked Question

What is Hosting?

Hosting is a web space where websites/blog files/ folders, database can store and managed.

What is Domain name and how I can register domain name?

A domain name is website name. it address which user will type in web browser to access web site.

You can register your domain here:

Please comment me if you have any queries.

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