I’m Rajesh Singh.

The Founder of Ankiyana.com.

The part-time Blogger, Affiliate Marketer and Entrepreneur.

I’m Software Professional by profession, working in one of reputed IT company.

I’m from Bangalore the Silicon Valley of India.

I am passionate about the internet. I spend most of my time on the internet to search to learn new things.

I search about how to make money online. I found some sites to make money, that was like CPC., Click Ads and you will get some cents or dollar.

I wasted my most time on these kinds of sites and didn’t get any single cents. All these sites were spam sites.

One day, I learnt about blogging on internet. I created blog on blogspot.com.

I was working on .NET Technology, So started writing article on .NET Technology

http://dotnetmagic.blogspot.com/ is my first blog.

I register www.dotnetmagics.com domain on GoDaddy and posted Technology articles.

I applied for Google AdSense and I got approval.

I wanted to earn money quickly, So I did same mistake, which all new bloggers does.

Google banned my AdSense account. That was like nightmare for me.

I lost all money and confidence as well.

My domain name also got expired and I could not re-new.

I lost all articles.

Birth of Ankiyana.com.

Again after some years, I motivated myself to try one more time for blogging.

I was searching for a domain name to register. I want domain something related to Digital Innovation.

I searched the Sanskrit word for digital. Ankiya means Digital and Pravartana means Innovation in Sanskrit. I combined both words, Ankiya, and the last two characters of Pravartana,

So It became Ankiyana.

Now, the confusion was what will be niche. I research a lot about the niche. But could not find my niche.

Again, I started writing an article about Technology. Then I started writing about Yoga, Meditation, and Personality Development.

Many bloggers told to select niche, which you are passionate about.

I could not decide, what is my passion. I like Technology, Yoga, Meditation, Motivation and

Personality Development.

Then I thought let me choose a niche on which I can write an article for a lifetime when I will become 60 plus years old also.

So let see Technology. I thought I can write for 4-5 years only. I cannot learn new technology for life long and write an article

Next tern is Yoga and Meditation. I can write but I don’t have expertise.

Next Personality Development and Motivation. I have lack of knowledge about these topics.

Finally, I thought Blogging is the niche, which I am passionate about and can write articles life long until I die.

Hence I decide to select Blogging as my niche.

Why Ankiyana.com

I struggle a lot in my online journey.

I created this blog to help people like me to grow online and share the blogging knowledge.

Thank you for giving your valuable time to read my story, thank you all from my heart.

I am always here to help you.

Thank You

Rajesh Singh

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